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Use Bendito Wellness Palo Santo
to restore the energy for your lifestyle.

• To clean your house, your store or office with Bendito Wellness Palo Santo, and take advantage of its benefits, you must follow these simple steps:

• Light the piece of palo santo with a candle.

• Once it has been lit, it should be left to burn for 30 seconds and blow lightly so that it begins to release smoke.

• The smoke must then be guided to different areas of the room, including corners, interior closets, and in each compass direction.

• To keep the smoke lit, the piece of wood must be blown from time to time.

• Once it’s done, it should be placed in the Bendito Wellness plate and left to turn off on its own.

The curative properties as well as the spirituals are kept only in the ones that are harvested and picked up by following its natural processes, keeping and respecting the cycle of these beings who have completed their period here on Earth.

Since they are 7 years old, the Palo Santo tree has begun to dry itself and as a result of this inner transformation its wood is able to acquire all the magnificent, powerful and healing aromatic scent.

Thanks to those natural and sustainable processes we carefully elaborate our Palo Santo incense wands to keep your energies balanced, manage your stress and bring yourself peace and harmony, giving your environment the adequate scenery to meditate and practice yoga so you can be relieved from any tension.


Includes a baked clay plate


Includes a baked clay plate

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